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Posted by irene johnson on
I have been looking at lunar sabbath calendars for over a year & I don't understand why the 29th & 30th days are not counted in weekly cycles. Countless times in the Scriptures it is mentioned we are to work 6 days and rest the 7th day as El did at creation. It is also the 4th Comm. There are many times in a yr that we cannot observe the moon due to clouds etc. Therefore, it is still necessary to count to 7 to establish a wk. Some have said that the 7 day cycle is a myth. I just can't believe that-for example, when in the wilderness for 40 yrs. manna was reigned down from heaven 6 days & not the 7th day. If we leave out the 29th & 30th day in a weekly cycle was there manna on those days or not? Since they aren't in a weekly cycle! I have watched your videos & you haven't touched on this subject which I have questioned since studying the lunar sabbaths. Thank you for your answer,
Posted by Sarah on
Regarding counting to Pentecost, you will notice the expression "Sabbath complete". This would include a period of 7 days, starting with the first and ending on the 7th. Long story short, the first part of counting the feast of weeks, is to count seven Sabbaths complete. This does not include new moon days, as they are a different category of day. If you listen to Norman's 5 part calendar series, (here are the links: For the videos go to :
For the teaching articles go to:

If you listen to this, you will see that Norman has well covered the topic which you are addressing.
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